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Welcome to Anime Icon Centri, an anime-centric, free-use icon community.

Anime-centric means that most of the icons posted in this community will be related to Japanese animation or games. Non-related icons are welcome but in small numbers.

Free-use means that the icons here are made to be used by other people. Anyone is welcome to use these icons for their own journals, but we ask that you:
1. COMMENT, letting the icon maker know where they're going, and
2. CREDIT the icon maker in the icon description.


1. If you post more than five icons in a post, use a LJ cut.
2. This is not a request community. Requests are not forbidden; if you post a request, someone may take you up on it if they wish to. However, don't just post requests only and leech. Participate.
3. Hentai or pronographic icons are not allowed in this community. Tasteful nudity is allowed. If you are unsure whether an icon can be considered pornographic, feel free to contact one of the maintainers. This is mainly because we have members under 18 here and we don't wanna get kicked off LJ for showing kids porn. o_o
4. Fanart in icons is allowed, but only if you 1. have the permission of the original artist to use the image, and 2. give them proper credit.
5.Have fun, play nice, don't worry, be happy.